Sainsburys Help Brighten a million christmases donations are in

12th January 2021

Just before Christmas Sainsbury’s ran their ‘Help Brighten A Million Christmases’ campaign, where food donation bins were placed in store and cash buckets behind the tills, with a promise by Sainsbury’s to match all donations made even if they weren’t bought in store, and Carmel, the Leigh charity coordinator, very kindly chose us as their charity partner for the event. (See our News story here)

After the campaign ended on December 14th, Sainsbury’s tallied up the value of the food and cash donations then, true to their word, very generously doubled it all.

An amazing £4290.41

Plus an extra £210 that was collected in the buckets which were left in place behind the tills over Christmas.

We can not thank Sainsbury’s enough for choosing us but it is the amazing shoppers that get the biggest thankyou! You guys are amazing and have once again shown why the people of Leigh and surrounding areas need not fear going hungry whilst you get a say in the matter, well done to you all.

The campaign aimed to encourage one million food and toy donations across the country and if everyone is as generous as the wonderful Leigh shoppers we are sure they will have made a huge difference regardless. Well done Sainsbury’s


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