Thank-you volunteers’

3rd June 2024

Its volunteers’ week

Where would we be without our amazing volunteers?  The simple answer is, we wouldn’t be at all as volunteers are the beating heart of the foodbank, and everything we do.

Dedicated, passionate and hard working doesn’t even begin to describe the amazing people that give up their free time to help people in food poverty, and we are eternally thankful to each and every one.
Dozens of local people, mucking in together to help their neighbours get through a tough patch, really does make the difference we need to be, with roles as varied as they are vital.

We do consider ourselves to be very fortunate with just how many loyal volunteers we have, with some having been with us since the very beginning and still as passionate now as they were then, but also brand new volunteers and those that come and do a bit to help fill gaps.

Volunteer roles

In our foodbank centres, we have volunteer managers, serving staff, packers, admin, people that sit and chat with customer’s, expertly making them feel comfortable and ease and people that load and unload.

In the warehouse, we have a stock manager and people that help sort and stack the food, along with local and national businesses that give staff time to volunteer their help.

Our regular supermarket collections are manned by volunteers for a minimum of 2 hours, from 9am – 5pm, with up to 6 people on each shift, again quite often with local business support.

Our brilliant driver, works for us part time but volunteers extra hours on top.

We have volunteers that ‘work’  from home, doing general admin and a media manager that looks after the socials and website.

And all of our wonderful trustees are volunteers.

it’s literally dozens of selfless heroes and we just want to say a massive


from all the trustees and Warren, the project manager.
We couldn’t not do it without you and your individual acts are making a massive difference in your community.

Here are a few of our wonderful volunteers

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