Please don’t struggle, there is lots of help available.

30th January 2024

Reports today are saying up to 21 million people are struggling to pay household bills, so will skip meals, avoid paying bills and sit in the cold. This is so unacceptable in this day and age but it is a reality and luckily there is a lot of help available from lots of brilliant charities. Local people, right here in your community are giving up their time to support their community and we really need anyone that needs to, to ask for the help that’s freely available.

Some people think asking for help is embarrassing or shows weakness.
Wrong! It’s a strength that shows you’re not willing to accept your situation and are ready to do something about it, which is far from embarrassing.

Obviously we can help with food but there are lots of great organisations that can help address many of the issues you could be facing. We have detailed a lot of them on our #MoreThanFood – Help with the cost of living page but if you have seen any that you think may be best for you, please do reach out. They do not judge and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help set you up to move forward and get back on track. Lots of charities use local volunteers but please rest assured, they are as committed to your privacy as any other professional you will meet. They are local people wanting to do the best for their community and are genuine heroes, in our eyes.
You should also complete the Wigan council welfare form, and see if they can do anything in the 1st instance. You can find a link for that by visiting our How to get Help with food page.

Please, don’t struggle. Getting support is easy and the best thing you can do right now. When you reach out you will be so glad you did. When people visit us in the foodbank they are always amazed by how relaxed, friendly and easy it is. They’re always glad they did, and wonder why they ever delayed it or thought it wouldn’t be.
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