Foodbank use up 170% in last 3 months

14th March 2022

In the last 3 months we have seen an increase in vouchers being collected by a massive 170% in adults, and even more worrying, a huge 150% in children! (Compared to previous 9 months)

We are currently giving out around 4 – 5 tonnes of food per month, equating to approx 2900 – 3600 meals but, due to the lack of instore collections because of covid, we are only receiving around 3 tonnes of food in donations each month.
This is obviously not sustainable and we do think it will get worse before it gets better so, even though we are starting to get back to normal and collections are slowly resuming, we are appealing to everyone to add one or two items to your shopping and drop them in the instore baskets, in most big supermarkets (usually behind checkouts) or call at any foodbank session. Please Click here for details of donation points and items we are most in need of.

You can also donate cash by visiting our Total Giving page here

Thankyou in advance, between us we can make sure the most vulnerable in our community can and will have the food they need.

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