Harvest Blessings

11th October 2021

At a time when people are struggling, with all kinds of stresses and disruption in their daily lives, it has still not stopped them from donating huge amounts of food to their local harvest festival collection.

We have thanked as many as possible on our social pages but we want to thank everyone that has donated, even one item of food, to their local school, church or general collection, because you have all done a wonderful thing that will help lots of local people in food poverty.
We say this a lot but it is always worth repeating because it’s never been truer! We simply can not do what we do without the amazing people that donate to us, and in turn their local neighbourhood .

Harvest festival is a special time of year and the wonderful people in our community make sure it does what it is meant to, and help those that need it.

We are truly thankful to you all.


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