5 Year old Leo ‘wants to help with the school meals Situation’

1st November 2020

It’s not hard to notice the whole free school meals conversation and the great work Marcus Rashford has done by bringing it to the attention of the country, even if you are only 5 years old.


When Leo, a Sacred Heart RC primary school student, asked his mum what it was about and what it meant, it triggered a conversation about Foodbank’s and the need for them. Leo immediately said he wanted to help by raising money for the foodbank and after a quick think Leo decided his new cycling skills would be the best way to do it.
A sponsored bike ride was soon up and running on JustGiving  and an achievable £100 target set. This target did not take very long at all to smash through, much to the delight of Leo and his whole family, so now they are aiming to raise as much as possible before his bike ride on November 14th.. Leo gets very excited when he see’s how much he is raising and checks daily, if you want to sponsor Leo and make him even happier you can do so on his JustGiving page

What a brilliant young man Leo is! We wish you the best of luck with the ride and can’t wait to meet you when you bring the food in to the foodbank.

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