Our Yearly Figures

20th May 2019

The yearly figure are in and we have to say we have real mixed emotions about them.

First of all we would like to say a huge thankyou to all our volunteers over the past year. Regardless of whether you gave one 2 hour shift at one of our supermarket collections, you joined us in our foodbank centres or you give your time to help out in the warehouse you deserve a huge pat on the back for your efforts. Warren Done, the foodbank project manager and the trustees say “All our volunteers should feel a real pride for your contribution to your local community. Without your unwavering support we simply could not operate and that would be disastrous, not only for us but for people in crisis in your local town”

Next we need to acknowledge and thank  the huge support that is given to us by the local and national businesses who regularly provide food, money and support, the supermarkets in our towns that allow us to have collection baskets and collection days and of course Wigan councils ‘The Deal’ that provides support and refers the most people. Warren & trustees – On businesses – “It never fails to amaze us just how generous our local businesses are, we extend our thanks to you all for stepping up to support the people in crisis in the communities you serve” On the supermarkets – “Our local supermarkets are the backbone of our foodbank and we know the support we get from them is beyond any thanks we could give. They understand the need to give back to the communities and they do it very well, we look forward to working closely with you all in the future” and on Wigan council – “We have a close working relationship with the council and we thank them for another year of support”

A huge THANKYOU has to go to every last person that has donated anything to us in the last year, and beyond. Whether it was one tin of tuna or a whole trolley full your donations really do make sure people in crisis in your local community can at least get a meal when they can not afford to buy one for them and their family. Warren & trustees – “It gives us a huge amount of pride in our local community, knowing how generous and caring people are, and how they continue to support us after 6 years and counting. It gives us the drive to be the best foodbank we can to feed as many local people we can with their generous donations” “Everything the public donate helps to feed people right here in their local community and we know that is why they give so generously. Thankyou to you all for the previous year and please do continue do yourselves proud and support our work for the year ahead”

So why mixed emotions I hear you say?  Well the worrying news is the foodbank gave out around 12.5% more food last year than the year before, providing a staggering 49,500 meals for 5,500 people, 1830 of which were children, our busiest year yet!   Luckily for us all the amazing people who we have thanked, above, stood up to the plate and donated a massive 62,000 kg of food, around 10,000 kg more than the year before, which really does give us a warm feeling inside and makes us very proud to serve this community.  Without your fantastic, unwavering, support we could not feed those 5500 people. These are local people who for one, or more, of many reasons are suffering a personal crisis and at a very low point in their life. They come to us with little hope or expectation but a lot of the time they leave with a bit of hope and always very grateful to you, the people that allow us to feed them and their family. It makes a huge difference to have food in you and if that helps alleviate the crisis a little and allow them to concentrate on things other than hunger, we have, together, done a good thing so well done you and of course – Thankyou.

Looking at the year ahead we can only expect it will be another busy one but now we have got to know you we just know we can rely on you so hopefully we will see you all again very soon.

Warren & the trustees

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