Sainsbury’s Leigh collection, our biggest ever.

21st December 2023

On Saturday 16th December we held one of our regular collection days, in Sainsbury’s, Leigh. We have had a few in the past and always been warmly welcomed and strongly supported by the generous shoppers in the store.
The collection was started in a fantastic way, with a £150 trolley full of food from Mike, the Sainsbury’s Leigh community champion, and continued to be busy all day, with our amazing volunteers ran off there feet.

When we added up the totals we were blown away  and can see their efforts were for a very good reason – our busiest and best one day collection in over 10 years of doing these events! That’s just phenomenal and we are truly blessed.

In total the very big hearted patrons donated a massive 2 tonnes of food and a huge £402 dropped in our buckets, all for the benefit of local people.

Thankyou to each and every last person that took the time to do their bit for people in crisis at Christmas, it means a huge amount to us and them.

Thankyou to Sainsbury’s staff, management & community champion Mike, for inviting us and looking after us all day, on top of the trolley full of food

Between us, we can and will Nourish the Nation.

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