ASDA food drive totals are amazing

17th May 2022

We had a fantastic time, at Asda Leigh  for the #AsdaFoodDrive, from the 6th – 8th May, and the response we got from the shoppers was nothing short of  breathtaking.

We were welcomed in to the Atherleigh way superstore by the brilliant, and always helpful & supportive Gwen, Asda Leigh community champion, who made sure we had a prime position and, along with our amazing volunteers, were well looked after and had everything we needed to make a success of the collection days.
Right from the off the wonderful shoppers showed a real interest in what we were doing, and responded to it in a way only they know how, with extreme thought and generosity. From hour 1 to the last drags on Sunday the volunteers were kept on their toes and very busy indeed. The table filled up over and over again and we knew the totals would be good, just didn’t realise how good.
it’s never fails to amaze us just how much the people in our community are unwilling to accept food poverty in their towns, and they have proved it once again, with a phenomenal act of pure giving.

1,900kgs of food and toiletries were donated over 3 days
That’s enough to provide around  1,400 meals for people that are struggling and in need of a helping hand.
£220 was dropped in our tubs and buckets, which means we can get the food where it needs to be and run our warehouse.



These are absolutely fantastic totals and it really does show just how generous the wonderful Asda Leigh shopper are. That is a huge amount of people who now have at least one thing less to worry about whist they fight their way through financial crisis or personal issues, meaning they can’t buy food for themselves or their family.
A huge thankyou to Asda, the Asda Leigh management, the wonderful Gwen and all the staff that looked after us, but most of all we have to say a massive thankyou to each and every person that took the time to speak to us, give us words of encouragement, and of course, all those that put their hands in their pockets to support people that need it.
Whether you gave 1 item or a trolley load, you have made a real difference and it means a lot to us and the people we help.
We are truly blessed to have you on our side.

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