Bents n Bongs Beer Bash to help fund new van

29th January 2021

Bents n Bongs Beer Bash is a huge part of life in Atherton, Tyldesley & surrounding areas and has been for such a long time it’s almost part of  the fabric. We all know about the amazing artisan beer, they have every year, but are you aware of the amazing work they do to support local charities too? Every year the organisers give thousands of pounds away to deserving good causes and even this year, when the festival that never was means it has been very sadly cancelled due to the pandemic, they are still fulfilling their amazing dedication to help local people in need and making sure charities can benefit from their amazing generosity.

The van we have used for many years to collect donations, ferry food around to the Foodbank’s and basically run at the heart of all we do, has given up and we were desperately in need of a replacement. When Bent n Bongs heard we needed funds they did not hesitate in awarding us a massive £2000 so we could get back on the road and make sure that people in crisis in our community did not have to do without our service, and we really can not thank them enough! You guys are simply fantastic and we, and the people we serve, are very much indebted to you. Thankyou so so much.

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