Jan & Bill Burton’s wedding gift to us

13th June 2019

We were blown away when newlyweds, Mrs Jan & Mr. Bill Burton, got in touch and told us they had used their special day to help people in crisis in their local area

On their wedding day, rather than gifts, they asked attending guests to bring donations for the foodbank and boy did they not let them, and us, down! As you can see they slightly underestimated just how caring and generous their guests are as the table they put out got swamped by the amount of bags that their guests brought.


You really are a wonderful bunch and we can not thank you enough. In total you donated a massive 270kgs of food that will provide 200 meals for people who would otherwise have none. Please feel very proud!

We have to say a huge thankyou to the newlyweds for doing such a selfless thing on the biggest of big days, it just shows what a kindhearted pair you are! This is the kind of thing that makes us so happy and proud to represent the great people of our towns who go above and beyond to make sure people do not have to go hungry in times of crisis!

We hope you had a fantastic day and wish you all the best for  long and happy marriage.

Mrs Jan & Mr Bill Burton filling our van with their donation

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