Help with Universal Credit Claim

Are you about to claim Universal Credit? STOP - Get Help

We would strongly advise anyone who is making a claim for Universal Credit get help from a professional organisation.

When it comes to filling in the online form for UC you know what you need to say but getting help from people that do it all the time can only help your cause as they not only know how best to say it but can also make sure you are covering all areas and aspects of your condition and daily routines. They are experienced in how it works and the best way to present yourself to give you a much better chance than simply filling the forms in on your own. They also know which evidence you need to provide and make sure it all goes through okay.  If you do use a service to help you they are also there to advise you if your claim is rejected and what steps you need to take to get a mandatory reconsideration, appeal or even help you at a tribunal.

There are quite a few different places that can help you in the local area. The Life Centre can signpost you to various organisations or you can do an online search to find one;

One that we find to be very good are

Citizens Advice Wigan Borough Help to claim service


Claiming UC is such a minefield that getting help is by far the best way to claim, even if you are the most literate or knowledgeable person and we would recommend it to everyone

If you are an organisation that gives help and wants to appear on this page please get in touch here