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Support us when you shop with Co-op

You can now use your Co-op membership to support the foodbank as you shop and the best bit is, you also earn rewards and special offers for yourself too

We’re delighted that Atherton & Leigh Foodbank has been selected to take part in the Co-op Local Community Fund, meaning you can support us, and in turn the local community, as you shop in Co-op stores nationwide.

We are one of the causes in our community which Co-op Members can select to support between now and 23 October 2021. The more members who select us and shop with the Co-op the more funds we’ll receive, so please visit our Co-op Community Fund page and sign up then use your card every time you shop at C0-cp store or services, including funeral care.

joining Co-op membership is easy and costs only £1 to join.

Earn rewards to spend or donate

When you buy selected Co-op products and services from us, 2p for every £1 you spend goes into your Co-op Membership account and we’ll give the same amount to support community organisations and local causes.

You can spend the rewards you earn on most things you buy from us, not just Co-op products.

You can also choose to donate your rewards.

Join Co-op for £1 and earn rewards for you and your

How does it work?

Shoppers at the Co-op have the option of joining a membership scheme. Unlike other supermarket loyalty cards, this scheme gives 2p to designated good causes for every £1 spent – as well as special offers for you the shopper.

Get involved!

If you’re not already a member, you can join the Co-op membership scheme online for just £1 then visit their local good causes pages and choose Atherton & Leigh Foodbank to receive your rewards.

Use your card every time you shop – the Co-op will make sure that we get 2p for every £1 you spend until October 2021. Even if you are only buying a newspaper or a pint of milk, swipe your card at checkout so we can benefit.

Where to shop

There are various Co-op stores nearby:

Stone Cross Lane, Lowton
Common Lane, Culcheth
Stour Road, Astley
Coach Road, Astley
Manchester Road, Tyldesley
Warrington Road, Platt Bridge

Find your nearest Co-op on their website.


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