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The state of Hunger report

The Trussell Trust have released startling figures from a recent report in to foodbank use in the UK

This new report is part of State of Hunger, the largest ever study into hunger and food bank use in the UK. Carried out by researchers at Heriot-Watt University.
This research is helping us to understand the scale of hunger and destitution in the UK and learn how we can work together to build a hunger free future95% of people referred to food banks in our network in early 2020 were destitute, meaning they were unable to afford the eat or stay warm and dry. 62% of working age people referred to food banks in our network in early 2020 were disabled - three times the rate in the general working age population. 18% of households referred to food banks in our network during the pandemic were single parents - more than twice the rate in the general population.

Could you live on £248 a month after rent? That’s £8 a day?

The research shows that 95% of people referred to food banks in our network are living in destitution – unable to afford to eat or stay warm and dry. And in addition, disabled people, people with mental health issues, and single parents are overrepresented at food banks across the country.

This can’t go on. Watch our video from The Trussell Trust CEO Emma Revie to understand more and why we need to act now.

We have a window until 19 May to ask all MPs to speak on the issue in Parliament. No matter where you are in the UK, please use your voice. 
After 10 years of cuts and a global pandemic, more people than ever are facing extreme poverty. It’s time for change.

In the Queen’s Speech on Tuesday the Government set out their priorities for the coming year, but we did not see the commitment we needed on making ending the need for food banks a priority. We have until 19th May to ask MPs to speak up in the debates on the Queen’s Speech and call on the Government to set up a plan to end the need for food banks as a matter of urgency.

We need the UK Government to develop a plan to end the need for food banks which:

  • Ensures the UK social security system provides everyone with enough to afford the essentials. This should start with making the £20 weekly increase to Universal Credit permanent and extending it to legacy benefits.
  • Ensures local lifelines are available to get people the right support at the right time. This should start with committing dedicated long-term funding for local welfare assistance schemes in England.
  • Involves food banks and people with lived experience in shaping the plan to end the need for food banks. The plan should be developed across UK government departments, recognising the interconnected issues which drive people to needing support from food banks.

Contact your MP here

No one should be forced to use a food bank because they can’t afford the essentials.

Thank you for being part of our movement. Change will only be possible as we raise our voices together to call for the end of food banks.

You can read the full State of Hunger report here.

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