Sainsbury’s Food Donation Christmas Campaign 2023

27th November 2023

Sainsbury’s Food Donation Christmas Campaign 2023 launched last week through the Nourish the Nation Campaign, and will run in the Leigh store all the way up till 24 December.
From now till Christmas Eve, shoppers instore will have a chance to do their bit for local people, that are struggling on the run up to the festivities and need a bit of support from their community, by buying an extra item or two, and dropping them in the basket behind the tills, or in the entrance area. You can see which items we need most by checking our Donate food page
As part of the campaign, we will be holding a collection in the store from 9am – 5pm on Saturday 16th December, with our volunteers ready to accept donations of food, toiletries and cash from the always generous Sainsburys shoppers.
Whenever we collect in Sainsburys Leigh we always get a warm welcome and a great response from customers, who love to do their bit for local people that are having a tough time, and suspect this time will be no different, so we can’t wait. See you all then, and if not, please do donate in to the basket.

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