Volunteers needed for the Tesco winter food collection

4th November 2023

The Tesco winter food collection is back

We look forward to the 3 day Tesco collections because, not only do we rely on the huge amount of food that gets donated to help get us through Christmas, but we also get to meet so many generous shoppers and lots of volunteers, ready to help their community.

Volunteers required.

This years collection will be no different to the last 10 years, with tables set up in both Tesco Superstore, Atherton and Tesco Extra, Leigh, on Thursday 2nd November, Friday 1st December and Saturday 2nd December, and volunteers in place from 9am – 5pm on all 3 days, which is where you come in.
We are looking for people that can spare a minimum of 2 hours, on any day at either store, to help us hand out shopping lists, receive the donations from customers, date and sort them and people to hold our cash buckets.

We need people of all ages, from children to grandparents, with roles even able to be done sat down.  Companies are welcome to send employees that have volunteering time, or who just want to give back, and we happy for you to wear name badges etc.

We do ask people to give a minimum of 2 hours (9-11, 11-1,1-3, 3-5) but you are welcome to do more if you wish.

To get involved please contact Warren on 07980881925 or via our Contact Us page.

Volunteering is an amazing way to give back, it costs nothing, but does a huge amount of good.

Support the Tesco Food Collection to help people on the lowest incomes this winter.

More people than ever are struggling to afford the essentials and are having to turn to the foodbank to get by. We are preparing for the toughest winter yet as levels of need continue to rise and we need your help to ensure that they can support everyone who needs them.

You can help – donate food, volunteer your time, or make a financial gift to this year’s Tesco Food Collection.

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