A must read for all our supporters and volunteers

11th November 2022

Ever wondered what impact your donations or your time volunteering has on the people in crisis we help every day?

Casually going about my day today, I received a message in our inbox, that made me so proud to be a volunteer at this amazing foodbank.
Caroline, was asking how to give back, and what we needed, but also explained why she wanted to give back, and I will share that story with you now.

 Hello, this time last year we were in a mess and our Christmas was saved by food from the food bank. We are in a much better position this year and we wanted to give back to families who are in a position that we were.

My children really loved the new toy and cosy pyjamas they got so I want to buy some to donate.

For me, the hardest bit was walking through the door, it was the end of months of needing to admit we needed help feeding our children, which was the hardest thing I have ever had to admit, and it was the desire to want to give them a better Christmas that finally made me overcome it. Once we were in the food bank I was just completely overcome by kindness, I have never had so many people be so kind to me in one place before. I dont remember much of it, as it was quite traumatic for me, but I do remember a lovely lady being so kind and trying to get me to have a cup of tea and my daughter being so exited we had strawberries in the bag, she hadn’t had them for so long bless her. When we left my daughter said “we’ve got so much shall we take some for other people” so I promised her that when we were back on our feet we would go back with some things to help. all I really remember is how you all made me feel and I will never forget that. Please tell all your helpers they change lives everyday and to never forget it, I never will

Caroline was more than happy for us to share her families story and hopes it not only gives people that donate, and our amazing volunteers, the real boost they deserve but also inspires others to donate in future. We are more than sure it will.
We know none of you do it for praise but the realisation of what you’re doing really does make it oh so real and oh so worthwhile.
Well done and thankyou to everyone that donates and thankyou to all our amazing volunteers, for all you do.


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