If you are struggling there are lots of options, not just the foodbank.

16th July 2022

Help and support in your community, by your community.

Times are tough for most people at the mo, but if it’s becoming a strain and you are having to make difficult choices between bills and food, there is help and advice available. We work closely with Wigan Council and Citizens Advice Wigan Borough, amongst many others, and both have brilliant resources that are there for you.
Please, don’t suffer in silence. The people of your town are here to support you, as you would them, so please use that support.
you can contact Citizens Advice on 08082787801 or 01942709709 (Mon – Fri. 9.30 -2) or visit their website and click contact at the top to choose the best option for you, by clicking here
Visit the council welfare support page or call 01942705221
For more info and to learn how to apply for a foodbank voucher visit our How to get help page

Please, if you or any you know anyone is struggling please know or let them know help is only a phone call away and nobody is judging, they will be very happy to help and glad to see you.

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