We are still short of a few bits

20th May 2022

We had a great few days collecting in Asda Leigh last week but even with the huge amount you lovely lot donated, we are still short of a few bits.
We ‘re always happy with whatever you can give, and we know it’s from the heart with the best of intentions, to help local people that are struggling, but if you are ever wondering what would be best to give or want your donation to have the biggest impact, the fastest, we would always encourage you to check out our regularly updated ‘We are short of’ list and choose something from that. That way we can make sure everyone gets a balanced diet and the things they need. Thankyou.

Right now we are most short of:

Size 6 nappies

Laundry detergent(washing powder)

To find out what else we need and how to donate please visit our DONATE FOOD & TOILETRIES page by clicking Here

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