Rosa’s Beauty Boutique come through for the kids

13th December 2021

Last month we told you about the wonderful Rosa’s Beauty Boutique and their plan to raffle off treatments and accept donations of toys from customers and people in their community. Well, we have now collected the toys and wow, have they smashed it!

For weeks, the team of Lesley, Lauren, Louise and Amanda have been selling tickets and accepting toys from very generous people, then they wrapped the lot, before handing them over to us, so we can make sure kids and families that are struggling at Christmas have at least one pressie to open on Christmas Day.

It’s hard to put in to words just how much this means to parents, that can be facing a daunting and desperate time at the very thought of Christmas, and the look of joy and relief on their faces, when we tell them they can take presents home for every child, really is something to behold and gives our volunteers a real warm feeling.

We would like to say a massive thankyou to everyone of the kind hearted customers that bought a raffle ticket or donated a toy and an even bigger Thankyou to Amanda and the team for organising it all and working so hard to make sure people right here in their community have the support they need, just when they need it most. Well done everyone, you’re the best!





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